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Virtual  Learning

Developing global leaders to drive positive outcomes in a modern environment requires the continued leveraging of enhanced technologies. Virtual experiences allow participants to increase their knowledge, build relationships, and engage with industry experts through digital work-based activities. The Center for Executive Development (CED) customizes and delivers these custom virtual learning experiences to meet the needs and time frame of each organization. Virtual experiences can also be leveraged to enhance in-person learning and development.

Collaborative Virtual Classrooms

Using collaborative virtual classrooms, CED creates seamless, real-time interactions with participants and enables rich virtual discussions. All participants can be seen at the same time, allowing for better interaction and engagement with the educator and participants. The educator can move around and interact in a way that is very similar to a campus setting.

Virtual Executive Education (VEE) Campus

Our Virtual Executive Education (VEE) Campus is integrated into our custom designs to improve the way people learn, collaborate, and innovate together while geographically apart. Our VEE Campus is a sprawling 3D campus where our program participants learn, collaborate, and come together with peers and other program participants from around the world interested in the future of work, collaboration, and distance learning. We accomplish this by creating 3D virtual environments with avatars, spatialized voice and text chat capabilities, computer-generated classrooms, breakout rooms, social areas, and more.

Custom Programs

Discover our process for delivering custom learning to support your business objectives.

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Behavior Change

Create meaningful, lasting behavior change through learning activation.             

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Thought Leadership

Our expert educators share applicable skills and transformative techniques for any global business leader’s toolkit.

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Virtual Business Simulations

Many of CED’s face-to-face innovative experiences and simulations can also be delivered virtually. By leveraging technology, we provide opportunities that enable individuals, teams, and organizations to learn and perform at their best anytime, anywhere.

Online Learning Platforms

CED works with a variety of online learning platforms, including online courses, modules, and webinars to deliver a customized, engaging learning experience.

“We are extremely excited to be working with CED because they bring an innovative program design and delivery that is relevant and impactful, and we know practical application is critical in driving the measurable behavior change of our participants. CED’s culture of collaboration, relationship building and team work makes us, their client, feel like a truly valued partner.”


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