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Our educators include top academic researchers, experienced practitioners, and thoughts leaders with expertise in a variety of disciplines and industries. Click below for samples of our educators and offerings.

John Krajicek

Responding to Adversity with Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

Dr. Brandi Plunkett

Sharpen the Axe with Shared Purpose: Lessons from the Great Recession of 2008

David Flint

Leading Through Disruption & Uncertainty

Dr. Anton Franckeiss

100 Day Sprint Challenge

Dr. Jared Bleak

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Dr. Steve Boivie

Impact of a CEO’s Personality on Company Stock Price

Dr. Jared Bleak

Making Failure Your Friend

Dr. Jordana George

Data Philanthropy Offers Game Changer for Companies, Society

Dr. Bala Shetty

AI Basics for Business Leaders

Dr. Steve Boivie

Boards Aren’t The Right Way to Monitor Companies

Dr. Hari Sridhar

How Houston Companies Will Win The Covid-19 Battle

Dr. Daria Panina

Cross-Cultural Differences in Global Virtual Teams

Dr. Hari Sridhar

Busting the Value Trap