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Our educators include top academic researchers, experienced practitioners, and thoughts leaders with expertise in a variety of disciplines and industries. Click below for samples of our educators and offerings.

Dr. Tom Marrs

Managing Anxiety & Stress During Uncertain Times

Dr. Tom Marrs

Why People Struggle Working from Home and How to Improve Performance

David Flint

Leading Through Disruption & Uncertainty

Dr. Steven Courtright

Leading Remote Teams & Team Effectivenesst

John Krajicek

Responding to Adversity with Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

Dr. Tom Marrs

Pandemic Stress Creates New Productivity Challenges for Corporate Leaders

Dr. Daria Panina

Cultures in GTVS

Dr. Anton Franckeiss

Final Sprint: Assessments & Coaching Offers Tangible Benefits to Executive Education

Dr. Jared Bleak

Improving a Little at a Time

Dr. Jared Bleak

Celebrate the Pivot

Dr. Jared Bleak

Making Failure Your Friend

Dr. Jared Bleak

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Dr. Shrihari Sridhar

Busting the Value Trap

Dr. Brandi Plunkett

Sharpen the Axe with Shared Purpose: Lessons from the Great Recession of 2008

Dr. Anton Franckeiss

The Post-Pandemic Leadership Series

Dr. Steve Boivie

Boards Aren’t the Right Way to Monitor Companies

Dr. Steve Boivie

A trusted analyst’s opinion is worth gold for a company’s investors

Dr. Jordana George

Data philanthropy offers game changer for companies, society

Dr. Steve Boivie

Serving on corporate boards plays a vital role in the career success of executives

Dr. Steve Boivie

Impact of CEO’s Personality on Company Stock Price

Dr. Hari Sridhar

Houston Companies Will Win the COVID-19 Battle

Greg Marchi

Transformational Leadership 2.0